Not much time lately to add content here.

I’ve had a full-time job since the end of 2014. I really enjoy it. I also am a bit of editing away from having a fully drafted dissertation. I will be graduating this year, which is exciting and a long time coming. My lovely wife is also due to give birth to our first child in early May. Oh, and we’ve owned our home since spring 2015.

Life is moving fast, life is changing. With maybe 40 more hours of work, I’ll be 95% done with my dissertation. I’m not sure I ever thought I’d be here, but it feels great! Excited to be moving on to a new phase!

To all you fucking idiots who suddenly think Skratch Labs products are the coolest thing in cycling, remember every time you buy their shit, you’re making Allen Lim a wealthier man.

If you don’t know who Lim is…he’s a fucking LIAR who was highly involved with some of the biggest dopers in cycling history.


Get Division I football off of college campuses immediately. It is not an amateur sport. The vast majority of athletes have ZERO interest in being student-athletes.

The NFL needs to fund its own developmental league. Look at European soccer. Do top-notch European universities have paid athletes? No, they don’t.

And then, there is this:

“… there’s actually a kind of hierarchy among the top-tier football programs.  According to Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian, authors of The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football (2013), figures from the 2010-11 academic year show that only 22 of the 120 top-tier football programs broke even or made a profit.  That means that while these big-time teams generate millions of dollars of revenue, the cost of running such programs usually exceeds that revenue.  To put that more starkly, even within the so-called top tier, 82% of college football teams actually take away money from the university’s budget, rather than generate net revenue.” Ethos’ Ben Mangrum

Dear “Millennial,”

You are not unique.

You are not adaptable.

You are not special.

I don’t really care about what makes you tick.

I don’t like you.

You are standing behind a false narrative.

The only thing that really makes a “Millennial” unique is that all of their consciousness is centered on one stupid thing: a piece of plastic in their hand. You walk around staring at it all day. You jump when it buzzes or beeps. You ignore living, breathing humans to communicate using this piece of plastic. You miss rainbows and birds in the sky. You can’t forming meaningful relationships because you no longer can communicate vis a vie. You spend most of your life staring at, poking at, or showing your piece of plastic to your “friends.”

You are unique in that without that piece of plastic, your world would be thrown into chaos. With the world at your hands, you’ve chosen to leave the actual world behind and exist in a fake cyber world. Congratulations! What an admirable generation! Some defeated the Nazis, others…well, others sent a picture of their genitals to a totally hot chick/dude and then wished they hadn’t. Nice work!

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, right?

But how can you not make some assumptions about people who post thousands of photos of themselves online? Aren’t they deliberately attempting to create an impression of who they are?

I get it. You’re really good looking. You buy lots of new clothes. You dine out a lot and you always take photos of your food before you eat it. And, you bought a bunch of new things this week. GREAT! Yeah. But, I really don’t care. I was just looking for some reviews of a cycling jersey. Or some cycling shoes. And I ended up on your page. And then I realized you have thousands of photos of yourself. It’s bizarre. Why would anyone want that many photos of themselves out there?

And then you go and post some bullshit like a Winston Churchill quote about having enemies meaning you are leading a worthwhile existence. Let me put it to you clearly: NO, YOU HAVE PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU’RE A NARCISSISTIC DICKFACE BECAUSE YOU POST THOUSANDS OF PHOTOS OF YOURSELF ONLINE. Nobody hates you because you are just leading the life they wish they could. I think you’re an asshole because you love yourself far too much and you’re putting it out there as if anyone else wants to see that shit. I don’t.

Some visual fun, for those times when you’re lookin’ for fun…

Da Deltas

First time in riding with these brakes that they’re wearing new shoes! Not a bad way to close out the summer 2015 cycling campaign…


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