An excellent photoset here of the 2015 Paris Roubaix, won by Germany rouleur John Degenkolb.

Ahem, what about breakfast, Ms. Teacher? Once again, inspiration for me to finish my dissertation. Even a teacher fails to acknowledged that it’s not just the National School Lunch Program, but also the National School Breakfast Program that feeds school children in the U.S.–abc-news-lifestyle.html

A University of Kentucky basketball player was asked a simple question after a game against the University of Wisconsin. What made an opponent so difficult to cover?

His reply, muttered under his breath and caught on microphone, was “Fuck that nigga.”

Millions of people are up in arms and this does nothing to help race relations in the U.S., already tense at a time when there have been at least two high-profiling killings of young black men.

It doesn’t matter who made this statement. It doesn’t matter if he’s white, black or other. It doesn’t matter if this is a slang word and not the “real” word.

The CENTRAL problem is that such a problematic, hateful word is casually used by too many people. Don’t get beyond the most obvious problem: hateful speech needs to be ended, no matter who is uttering the vile filth.

I’m a happy person. I like getting up each day, I enjoy being around my friends, I love my wife, I have a nice family, I love my pets, and I’m incredibly lucky to be in the current life position I’m in right now. I know it. It’s great. How did I get here, I often wonder.

However, I cannot help but find myself frustrated, depressed, dismayed and downright angered by the behavior of most of the people I encounter on a daily basis. The selfish, greed, and distracted far outnumber the humble, sincere, decent, and responsible folks. It’s a sad fact of reality these days in modern America.

I’m a social person and I live in an urban area, so I can’t get away from people. And, I wouldn’t want to because there are plenty of great people in the world and plenty of great people in my life. However, it’s almost becoming a challenge to go out and not be surrounded by completely selfish assholes. Since I’m not allowed to openly cull the herd of these bastards, I’ll have to learn how to simply loathe them. Here is a running list of people who deserve to be put down so the rest of us, those who give a fucking shit about the world, don’t have to deal with them.

– Automobile drivers who text or drive one-handed

– Automobile drivers who refused to use their headlights in low light conditions, such as driving rainstorms

– People who walk around oblivious to the world, while they play with their mobile phone

– People who habitually run reds lights and break the speed limit

– People who don’t clean up after their pets in public spaces

– People who drive jumbo cars/trucks for no reason

– People dealing with self-induced health problems (smokers, obesers, drug abusers)

– People who drive a car everywhere, despite having access to things like walking, riding a bicycle, skipping, or taking the bus

– People who use dental flosser contraptions and throw them on the sidewalk

– People who don’t recycle

– People who don’t compost

– People of means who still consume corporate/chain/fast food on a regular basis

Guess why? I got a new, full-time job! Yep, it’s a great job, love the work, get to commute by bicycle on a dedicated bike path, enjoy my co-workers, have a great big office, the hours are flexible, the manager is helpful and hands-off, and the day flies right on by again and again.

Aside from all of this, I think I’ll be very skilled at the job. And, being very skilled means I’ll be quite financially successful.

At this time I’d like to give a hearty double Fuck You to all the people who wouldn’t even review my resume for jobs I applied to in the past. I had my fingers crossed that I’d get hired to teach bratty little asshole kids and get paid fucking garbage.

Now I’m going to make a great living, I don’t have to deal with assholes, and I can come and go as I please.

Yep, life is suddenly 1,000,000 times better than it used to be just a few weeks ago.

Tour de France 2014 – Etape 6

Arras to Reims

Winner: Andre Greipel

Some wondered what had happened to the top-end speed of the other German sprinting titan, Andre Greipel. Consider that question answer. My favorite Pollack, Michael Kiwatkowski gunned it off the front with about two kilometers to go, giving hope to fans that he might make it stick. If the thin dude doesn’t look strong, I think he answered that question.

He was caught and in the wild field spring that ensued, Greipel came to the front at just the right time and held off the horses chasing him. Alexander Kristoff was second, again. Sagan was fifth. His frustration was clear on the podium. Though he holds both the sprint and best young rider jerseys, Sagan wants a stage win as well. He’ll have to keep on charging.

Six stages in and we have four stages won by two Germans, one win from the Italian road race champion and Maillot Jaune holder, and one from the Dutch ex-crosser. This is turning into quite an amazing Grand Tour!

2014 Tour de France – Etape 5

Ypres to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut

Winner: Lars Boom

Have you ever wished they’d fit Paris-Roubaix into the middle of a Grand Tour? Well, today’s stage provided that. In the wind and the rain, the race was blasted apart over the cobbles. Even though the organizers removed two secteurs, the race was still a battle with the road and the elements. Defending champion Chris Froome crashed twice and slumped into the team car before he even made it to the cobbles.

Crashes galore, including one by Kittel, meant the racers were fighting just to keep the rubber side down. A fast pace was set in order to get onto the cobbles at the point end and avoid the crashes. Despite the conditions, the stage was completed in an utterly astounding 47 kilometers per hour. If this doesn’t mean much to you, see if you can get up to this speed on a flat road. Then see how long you can hold it. PROs exist in their own realm of awesomeness. Yet again, I have a new level of respect for the Skinny Men in Lycra. Fuck, that is fast.

Nibali flew across the cobbles like a man possessed, giving a big Fuck You sign to the 500-1 odds bookmakers placed on his win.

An incredible display of timing and power saw Lars Boom, the Dutch hardman with oh…a cyclocross World Championship on his palmares denied Nibali the win, but he finished only nineteen seconds back, putting huge time into his rivals Valverde and Contador. He was led home by the Danish do-it-all’er Jakob Fuglsang.

What a display! We know Nibali can fly down mountains, now we know he can fly over the pave du Norde. Fantastic!


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