I happened to see this commercial and I kept on waiting for it to be about how these two should put down the food and go for a jog…and then it’s about how you can consult with your doctor from home. WHAT?!!! These two don’t need to be inside MORE, they need to be outside more, getting exercising and losing weight.

A health care provider using two obese actors to sell a new feature? What?!!! I’m seriously baffled. There is a very real obesity epidemic going on. It’s not something to take lightly. Just like holding that fat woman in the air is not light. We shouldn’t be joking about this. And I’m tired of bigger people complaining about fat shaming. Most obese people are obese because of their personal decisions on what to eat and how much to exercise. YES, I know obesity is also related to economics. But, looking at their house, these two aren’t poor.

So there you have it. A health care company using two fat Americans to sell a new product. I kept on waiting for the doctor to tell them to dance more, eat less, and lose some weight. And how pathetic that these two were cast as “average Americans.” The average American is them? The guy has a huge gut that his plaid shirt can’t cover and the wife is the size of a house! She can’t even wear pants, she has to wear sweatpants because she’s so large!

May 7, 2015. We’ve truly reached a new low point. My lord, two fat people selling a convenient new feature. Should a health care provider be concerned with making their clients HEALTHIER and giving them straight talk: YOU TWO ARE OVERWEIGHT AND NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT IMMEDIATELY. Not create some new system to make their cushy lives cushier. That’s why they’re fat – fat on the ease of living in America today, if you have money.

Okay, this needs to stop. You’re not an Michelin star chef, you’re not even a Commis chef, you’re a fucking overweight housewife in America. It’s not “protein,” it’s a piece of red meat. It’s a dead mammal. It’s flesh and muscle and tendons. Just call it meat! You’re not Gordon fucking Ramsay. So cut it out already.

Ah yes, the 2015 ACC Men’s Lacrosse Playoffs have been announced.

Notre Dame vs. Duke

Syracuse vs. North Carolina

To be played this weekend…in Philadelphia! I’m no cartographer, but none of these schools are located in Pennsylvania. Syracuse, probably the closest, is around a what 4-5 hour drive. Duke and UNC are more like 8-10 hours. And ND, I don’t even want to guess.

Two of the teams are located in central NC, 8 miles from each other. In terms of the university calendar winding down, does it make sense to have these student-athletes head up to Philadelphia on Wednesday or Thursday and return late Sunday or Monday? Why not have it at a neutral site in central NC?

I shouldn’t care, as I know the world, and the NCAA, are all about money and not what makes sense. But this is fucking stupid. If even the lowly sport of Division I lacrosse, which I played, is now corrupted and driven by money, it only makes me shake my head to consider how dirty the football and basketball “amateur” sports the NCAA oversees have become by 2015. Disgusting.

An excellent photoset here of the 2015 Paris Roubaix, won by Germany rouleur John Degenkolb.


Ahem, what about breakfast, Ms. Teacher? Once again, inspiration for me to finish my dissertation. Even a teacher fails to acknowledged that it’s not just the National School Lunch Program, but also the National School Breakfast Program that feeds school children in the U.S.


A University of Kentucky basketball player was asked a simple question after a game against the University of Wisconsin. What made an opponent so difficult to cover?

His reply, muttered under his breath and caught on microphone, was “Fuck that nigga.”

Millions of people are up in arms and this does nothing to help race relations in the U.S., already tense at a time when there have been at least two high-profiling killings of young black men.

It doesn’t matter who made this statement. It doesn’t matter if he’s white, black or other. It doesn’t matter if this is a slang word and not the “real” word.

The CENTRAL problem is that such a problematic, hateful word is casually used by too many people. Don’t get beyond the most obvious problem: hateful speech needs to be ended, no matter who is uttering the vile filth.

I’m a happy person. I like getting up each day, I enjoy being around my friends, I love my wife, I have a nice family, I love my pets, and I’m incredibly lucky to be in the current life position I’m in right now. I know it. It’s great. How did I get here, I often wonder.

However, I cannot help but find myself frustrated, depressed, dismayed and downright angered by the behavior of most of the people I encounter on a daily basis. The selfish, greed, and distracted far outnumber the humble, sincere, decent, and responsible folks. It’s a sad fact of reality these days in modern America.

I’m a social person and I live in an urban area, so I can’t get away from people. And, I wouldn’t want to because there are plenty of great people in the world and plenty of great people in my life. However, it’s almost becoming a challenge to go out and not be surrounded by completely selfish assholes. Since I’m not allowed to openly cull the herd of these bastards, I’ll have to learn how to simply loathe them. Here is a running list of people who deserve to be put down so the rest of us, those who give a fucking shit about the world, don’t have to deal with them.

– Automobile drivers who text or drive one-handed

– Automobile drivers who refused to use their headlights in low light conditions, such as driving rainstorms

– People who walk around oblivious to the world, while they play with their mobile phone

– People who habitually run reds lights and break the speed limit

– People who don’t clean up after their pets in public spaces

– People who drive jumbo cars/trucks for no reason

– People dealing with self-induced health problems (smokers, obesers, drug abusers)

– People who drive a car everywhere, despite having access to things like walking, riding a bicycle, skipping, or taking the bus

– People who use dental flosser contraptions and throw them on the sidewalk

– People who don’t recycle

– People who don’t compost

– People of means who still consume corporate/chain/fast food on a regular basis


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