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Happy to be able to ride this bike on sunny, dry days. All photos by my friend and neighbor, D.L. Anderson. Thanks, bud!Tomma Full against Tree


Da Deltas

First time in riding with these brakes that they’re wearing new shoes! Not a bad way to close out the summer 2015 cycling campaign…

This is the coolest bicycle in my collection. And that is saying something because I’m fortunate enough to own a few different nice road bikes.

It’s a 1990 Tommasini Diamante frameset with a 1991 Campagnolo C-Record gruppo. It has the Columbus “Multi-Shaped” tubeset, which is completely bonkers. Round, ovalized, hexagonal, this bike has tubes in every shape imaginable when you’re working with steel. The ride quality is sublime, the paintjob is busy, the bartape is original. I acquired it in more-or-less New Old Stock (NOS) condition. I put on my own saddle and pedals. And there she is in all her glory. The detail of the frame and the paint are crazy. There are small diamonds throughout, include a little pressed in diamond on each seatstay where they meet the seatpost cluster. “Diamante” is Italian for diamond.

The best thing about the bike, aside from the obvious awesomeness, is that it’s so fucking nice it effectively ended my search for my own holy grail. I will never find a better bike that I enjoy riding (and looking at) more than this one.

Some specifics:

– 8-speed Campagnolo C-Record gruppo

– Campagnolo Delta brake calipers

– Campagnolo rims + Record hubs

– Campagnolo Aero Seatpillar

– Cinelli 64 handlebars

– Cinelli XA stem (it’s a 90mm, would love more reach, gotta source a 110mm)

Sometimes I dress it up in a “classic” set-up, with gumwall Veloflex Master tires and a Selle San Marco Regal with silver titanium rails and rivets. At other times I’ll dress it up in a “neo-retro” outfit, with limited edition Michelin Grand Prix 4000S tires and a Selle San Marco SLR. Oh, sometimes it gets white LOOK Keo Max pedals, sometimes red Keo Sprint pedals.


Oh yeah, I’ve also been lucky enough to have this bicycle, and the story behind it, featured on my favorite online cycling community site, Velominati. Here is a link:

Tommasini Diamante "Classic" Set-Up

Tommasini Diamante “Classic” Set-Up

My Tommasini Diamante in "Neo-Retro" Get-Up.

My Tommasini Diamante in “Neo-Retro” Get-Up.