Has it really been that long? Around ten years ago I had recently returned from a trip abroad, during which I was lucky enough to live on the north island of New Zealand for awhile. Whenever this experience came up in a conversation, people always wanted to know more about New Zealand, the unknown land sitting out in the middle of the ocean near the bottom of the world. Due to this interest I finally decided to write things down, to tell the story of living there right after a graduated college. It was a period of transition for me, as one chapter of my life closed, another was about to begin. I was fortunate enough to spend it in such a wonderful location. Where to go next, I wondered from way down there.

When I first wrote this story I did it more as an exercise in reflection and dedication, determined to write a sort-of memoir of my life to that point. I guess that is why I’ve let it collect virtual dust since I finished it years ago; the goal wasn’t really to publish a book but to write a book. Yes, way back then the ol’ internet was around, but there really weren’t personal sites like this one.

Well, it has been awhile and I’m sure a lot of the writing is rubbish and that my outlook on life and perspective has changed. But, this happens to everyone when they create something from nothing – in hindsight it’s tough to remember the person who created that, to recall where your mind was at when you put it together.

Oh well, does a tree falling in the woods make any noise? I’m going to put up some chapters and if they are horrible, well, nobody will probably read them so the worst that can happen is they remain silent.

Kia Ora.