For an actor or actress the fear of being typecast is a big deal. If it happens to you, you’re doomed to spend the rest of your career playing the same, or same type, of character. Your profession suffers, your mental health suffers, and you are trapped. Your art is no longer evolving, you’re standing still, a static role that varies very little.

There is no fun in that, is there?

Then it makes me wonder why so many regular people willingly accept a static life. Isn’t that boring? And what is really shocking is that people don’t simply accept being typecasted in life, they actually spend good money on being generic.

The other day I was leaning my bicycle against the window at my local beer store. The parking lot is normally full of enviro-friendly cars, beat up Subarus and Volkswagens, and other assorted “conscientious” vehicles. One vehicle stood out: a huge, souped up SUV. I don’t even know which one, as all the Tahoes and Escalades and Suburbans and Expeditions look the same. It was big. It was ostentatious. And, it was most definitely not eco-friendly. It stood out.

I could see into the store from where I stood. A guy walked up to the counter, carting a six-pack of beer. He was wearing khaki shorts, a golf shirt and flip flops. To ice the “country club” white dude look he has sunglasses hanging around his neck via a Croakie strap.

Guess what car he got into on his way out?

I just don’t understand how or why someone would willing assume a “typecast” persona and go through life that way. What happened to unique characters? It seems as if there are now masses of the same damn people walking around.

Just like having a McDonald’s in every town around the world is boring and bland, it’s boring to be surrounded by the same typecast people. Live, grow, be yourself. Do something original. It’ll be more fun and fulfilling, I’m sure.