How much longer do I have to wait until I am completely unable to have a conversation with anyone in public?

I like going out in the world and meeting people. Isn’t that the point of living in a civilization? You get to meet new people, interact with them, grown, learn, change and see things from someone else’s perspective.

But these days a majority of people out in public are tuned out. Why are you wearing home stereo headphones around in public? I can no longer say hello or excuse me or watch out or good day to people; I’m surrounded by living, breathing mutes.

If you want to tune out the world, why not rent an off-site storage shed or, better yet, a shipping container and move right in. Then you can ignore the world around you and, with the nice sound dimming your shelter provides, you can just turn on the radio and not have to wear those ridiculous headphones around.

I try to be calm about it and let it go. At first I was a bit sad that so many people would willingly tune out and mute the world. Don’t you like the sound of a hawk cruising overhead? What about fireworks after a baseball game? But now I’m just goddamn annoyed.

If you want to block the world out, then do it and quit this lackadaisical commitment. Buy a box that doesn’t let in any sound or light or any input or stimulus from the world. And live happily ever after, completely shut off from society. As it is now, you’re just a major pain in the ass for everyone else who you ignore or can’t hear or don’t see because you’re so fucking distracted all the time.