As an insider of two worlds, I have to be aware of how such minutiae unfold, how the go from what you do or think when you are doing it, and, why you do it, to a big mess.

Within cycling there are certainly distinct communities. Some folks ride to commute. Some ride to race. Some ride to stretch their legs. But within even these small communities there are splits into smaller sections.

Within road cycling their are the guys who love riding road bicycles, but they are to proud about their aesthetic identity as they see it projected to the world around them that they can’t just be honest. Do you want to be a racer? Then shave your 2-kilogram beard, stop getting drunk every goddamn night, and spend less time in the tattoo parlor and more pedaling your custom lugged steel bike.

It’s very difficult to ignore this area of road cycling. I just tried to check out a cycling video and it was either from Rapha or a spoof of Rapha, I can’t really tell. It was odd and the guys were those half-committed types, and also full of excuses.

I tried to figure out more about what was going on, only to discover that the entire discussion was about…music. Nothing about cycling, just about the cool music in the background ’cause, ya know, music is far cooler than cycling, which is only the actual reason you’re watching that video in the first place. OR IT FUCKING SHOULD BE.

If you watch cycling videos for the music, you’ve got it backwards. And here is what I have to say to ya:

Hmm, very very interesting and telling about this whole get-up that all the discussion is about music and NOTHING regarding gearing for climbs, if everyone followed the same route, how many teams entered. Too cool to care about cycling, so you say you’re still drunk, name your team after your nacho, and act as if your disregard for the spirit of cycling somehow proves your passion for the sport.

I go the other way from this arrogance about using excuses. Drink less if you can’t climb.