Has it really been a year since Simon Gerrans sprinted to a win in “la classica di Primavera”? Hard to believe, but I guess time flies when you are writing away, getting married, moving into a new house, and riding bicycles as often as time permits.

Well, they’ve moved it to Sunday this year, a day later than the traditional Saturday. Some folks got worked up about this, but come this weekend, I don’t think anyone will care about anything besides the kick-off of the Spring Classics campaign.

And in even better news, here is a bit on the weather forecast for Sunday, as reported by VeloNews:

“Forecasters are calling for a high of 5 degrees Celcius and snow on Sunday in Milan. Sanremo will not be much better, climbing to 10 degrees, but raining. This could be the first inclement Milano-Sanremo since Claudio Chiappucci won in 1991.”

Did you hear that? It’s a collective “Hell, yes!” out of all the Followers & other cycling fans out there. Bad weather means the hardest of the Hardmen will come to the front of the peloton on Sunday. In a sport where suffering is imperative, bad weather just makes the stakes that much higher. Can’t wait.