Hands up if ya like a surprise? C’mon now, get ’em up there, nice and high! Everybody loves a surprise!

But wait one moment. Have you ever had the (mis) fortune of being surprised by Mr. Wonderfull? This breakfast cereal, manufactured by General Mills, was so surprising to parents of Buffalo, NY that in 1974 they joined together, along with nutritionists from State University College at Buffalo and the director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest to prevent the cereal from reaching the rest of the country. General Mills had chosen Buffalo as a launch city for it’s newest cereal.

The biggest surprise? A gush of gooey chocolate goop inside a crunchy rice-and-corn ball. Nah. The biggest Surprize was that aside from fat & sugar, the cereal contained just about nothing that was nutritious.

Check out that built-in periscope! And how about his polka dot jacket? Whether it was due to the pressure of parental groups concerned about the teeth and health of their children or the fact that most of the balls cracked sometime between manufacture & reaching the cereal bowl, the Mr. Wonderfull met an early retirement.

Mr. Wonderfull's Surprize