The world is full of beautiful women. Heck, my house is often full of them as well. This is not a boastful declaration but simply the truth. (Don’t worry; it’s only partially my doing & my contribution stops at one, with my wife. The rest is due to my roommate.)

And yet for all of these beautiful women sometimes you see a gal & you are stopped in your tracks. Oh my! You wonder how they can be quite so pulchritudinous.

I’m also an avowed lover of curvy females. Real curves, given from above. Too often these days added weight is equated with curves. I appreciate the truly curvaceous gals who are slim yet have a truly womanly body. That’s impressive!

I was watching a television show that shall remain nameless and noticed how curvy one of the actresses was, even though she had a cameo roll. As it turned out, she’s a famous musician. I know very little of her music, but as it turns out, I’m not the only person who noticed her curves.

A striking gal with stunning curves & a “unique” voice. I guess sitting down all day to practice her harp gave her something soft to sit on.

Joanna Newsom