I wonder if as a historian, having read such a great deal about the past and relatedly, having tried to make sense of these events, I’m destined to have a reverence for what has come before my time. Just as I’ve never uttered that I “Love to Cook!” I’ve also never let slip that I “Love History.” I like history, I like reading, I like writing, and it’s pretty hard for me not to be curious about how things unfolded. You can try to imagine how we got here, but that’s dangerous. And time consuming!

But, it is hard to not rue the past of the PRO peloton. Today’s kits are not only bursting at the seams with advertisements but, they’re ugly and lack creativity. How many of them have a shade of blue and a compliment of black? Is there any orange now that Rabobank ran away? While I see many older jerseys I’d wear on any ride, I don’t think there is any current jerseys I’d wear unless I found it on the shoulder during a ride, and it was freshly laundered and fit perfectly.

Have a look at the jersey line-up for the 1963 Tour de France. Wow, purple, orange, pink, forest green, teal, stripes, checkers, simplicity, awesomeness.

Where have the good times gone?

1963 Tour de France peloton jerseys


Diamond Dave wants to know as well: